Thank you for participating in this years race! We added approximately 100 more participants for a total of 257, and raised over $6,000 for STEM scholarships for young women in our community!

Unfortunately, we experienced problems with the timing and are unable to post meaningful results. I do have times and most names for first, second, and third place overall for both the 5k and 10k.

Quality race timing is expensive, and the lessons learned over the past three years is that inexpensive do-it-yourself systems are unreliable. Unfortunately, we were unaware of the problem until racers began crossing the finish line. I want to emphasize that this problem had nothing to do with the ladies working the registration table - the problem was actually with the database of the preregistered runners.

For 2018, we will investigate more sophisticated and reliable timing methods. Typically, the timing companies in the Puget Sound area want us to cover the cost of timing AND their travel expenses, and whether they spend the night in Anacortes is entirely at their discretion. However, the point of this event is to raise money for scholarships. 100% of your registration fees go to scholarships - NOT race expenses!

All of us at AAUW hope you enjoyed the event. We sincerely appreciate your participation and support. I would like to share this photograph of the last two individuals to cross the finish line, who I believe represent the true spirit of this event.


1st place Jawn Angus 18:28

2nd place David Espinoza 20:47.3

3rd place Allison Espinoza 21:54.0


Unfortunately, I do not have any times for the 10k

1st place ?? - I spoke with this individual, but do not have a name

2nd place Brian Meenaghan

3rd place Rick Hayton